Adnan Khan Admits He’s Very Picky About Boyfriends

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1NEWS – Two weeks ago, Adnan Khan entertained us every sahur at the ANTV Pesbukers Sahurnya event. Unfortunately now, Adnan Khan has returned to India. However, his memories and stories while in Jakarta last Ramadan still left an impression. During the Sahurnya Pesbukers event, Adnan was close to the artist Enzy Storia. He also admitted that he admired Enzy.

Adnan’s interest in Enzy Storia stems from his agility to replace Enzy to receive punishment when he loses a game.
“When he loses I don’t want him to get hurt, so I replace him,”

Besides being beautiful, there are other things that make Adnan Khan like Enzy Storia. One of them is Enzy, who always appears as she is.

“Enzy doesn’t try to be someone else. She’s always been herself,” she said.

Adnan Khan admitted that he and Enzy Storia didn’t get along right away. It took some time to lighten the mood.

“At first, Enzy was a person who immediately got close to other people. But now she is very friendly.”

He also said, regarding women, especially regarding lovers, Adnan admitted that he was very picky, you know. “I am very picky when it comes to women. The voters, not physical voters, yes. But more to the inner-beuaty. Women’s self-determination, attitude, and personality. I think it’s more important,” said Adnan.

Adnan also revealed the characteristics of women that can make him fall in love. “I like girls who are funny, who can make me laugh, we laugh together.”


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