After being sentenced to cancer, Kiki Farrell reveals Mama Dahlia’s current condition is very bad

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Kiki Farrell conveys the latest news from Mama Dahlia.  (doc.IST)

1NEWS – Kiki Farrell is sad. The condition of her mother, Dahlia, is getting worse due to cancer she has been suffering from since 5 years ago. How bad is Dahlia’s condition?

Kiki Farrell via her Instagram, Sunday (17/4) afternoon told the chronology of Dahlia’s initial cancer. 2016 is called Kiki the last year she took her mother for a walk. A year later Dahlia was diagnosed with cancer.

Had been declared cured but in 2019 Kiki’s story, Mama’s cancer was detected still in her body. “Until now, in 2022, Mom is still struggling with her illness,” said Kiki, quoted from her Instagram.

Dahlia called Kiki’s condition “very bad”. Until he said, “There is a tumor that covers the urinary tract. So right now mom is doing surgery so that urine can come out through another route.”

Because of her illness, Kiki said her mother couldn’t eat. Every time I eat I vomit and throw up again. “Until the end blood sugar only 40.”

Currently mom can only eat through an IV. Kiki asks for prayers from her 693 thousand Instagram followers for her mother’s recovery.

Prayers and enthusiasm for Dahlia’s healing flow in the comments column. Some of them are from celebrities who know Kiki Farrell closely. Among them are Donita, Indra Bruggman, Marcelino Lefrandt, and Natalie Sarah.

“Mamaaaaa bismillah healed,” said Donita. “Mah Dahlia recovers quickly,” said Indra Bruggman. “Syafakillah, Mama Dahlia has been cured of her illness and is healthy again. Amen, Lord,” said Natalie Sarah. Hope you get well soon Mama Dahlia.

Kiki Farrell conveys the latest news from Mama Dahlia. (doc.IST)


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