Azka Corbuzier’s Story of Learning 3 Religions at Once

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Azka Corbuzier studied 3 religions

The famous presenter and magician, Deddy Corbuzier recently told about his son’s belief. He revealed that currently, Azka Corbuzier is studying 3 religions at once, namely Catholicism, Islam, and Buddhism. Studying these three religions is not something that comes as a surprise to Deddy. According to him, this step was taken by Azka for his own good.

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Azka Corbuzier’s Story Learned 3 Religions

As is known, Deddy Corbuzier is a convert. Initially, he embraced the Catholic religion and finally decided to embrace Islam in 2019. He was mentored by a phenomenal ustaz from Yogyakarta, Gus Miftah.

Even though he became a convert, it turned out that he did not force Azka to follow in his footsteps. He freed his son to follow any religion.

“Look, a lot of people ask, how’s Azka (religion)?” said Deddy in the Hotman Paris Show. He casually replied that Azka Corbuzier was studying 3 religions.

“Azka now has three religions, she studies Catholicism, Islam and Buddhism. In the end, I invited her later when she grew up, please choose,” continued the ex-husband of Kalina Octarani.

Azka Corbuzier studied 3 religions

He also admitted that many people blamed him when they said that Azka had not followed in his footsteps. Those who blame Deddy argue that Azka’s sin will be borne by him later because his son did not convert to Islam. However, it turns out that Deddy chose not to bother with his son’s choice of religion.

“Many people when I converted to Islam blamed me, why didn’t their children come? Later the sins will be borne by their parents. Eh, sorry, I’m not a heaven committee,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

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Deddy Corbuzier Was Worried that Azka Got Wrong Knowledge of Islam

Azka Corbuzier studied 3 religions

While talking with Habib Husein Ja’far Al Hadar on the Cahaya for Indonesia YouTube channel, Deddy Corbuzier said that he was worried that Azka would get the wrong knowledge about Islam. He gave an example of how his family gave a negative stigma to Islam when he decided to convert to Islam. However, this is wrong.

“If my mother and close relatives don’t really care if I convert or convert, they don’t care. But I became gossip in the big family. They thought that when I converted to Islam, I became radical, insulting my previous religion,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

However, he was able to prove that the allegations were not proven. Instead, he became a better person when he embraced Islam.

“Still, at first they were anxious. However, after converting to a fun walk, they finally thought that I was no different. In fact, it added to the positive,” he continued.

Thus parenting by Deddy Corbuzier in terms of the beliefs held by his son. In general, he is of the opinion that religion is a very private sphere, thus freeing his children to follow the religion that he thinks is appropriate. What do you think Parents?

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