Beware Candiru, Israeli Spyware Spying on Indonesia

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1NEWS – Candiru spyware is a new Israeli threat that attacks activists in Indonesia.

This threat is also mentioned in the report on human rights practices in the world from the United States.

Previously, the United States Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the 2021 Human Rights Practice Report on April 12, 2022.

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In the report there are 198 countries that are in the spotlight, including Indonesia.

So, what is Candiru spyware?

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Candiru is not a random spyware. Reporting from Israeli Media Haaretz, Candiru is a technology company in Tel Aviv, Israel that was founded in 2014.

The company founded by Eran Shorer and Yaakov Weizman is somewhat mysterious, because it does not have a website.

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In addition, all of its employees also signed a silence agreement and kept their work secret from the public.


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