Bisma Rocket Rockers Gives Expression Space to Local Musicians Through GVFI Distore Sound

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1NEWS – Apart from being a Rocket Rockers bass player, Bisma Aria Nugraha or Bisma is also the CEO of the clothing brand GVFI. As a way to promote his brand, Bisma diligently creates music content called GVFI Store Sound.

Always consistently providing space for local musicians, GVFI Distore Sound provides good branding for the sale of Bisma’s brand. The best local bands such as Rocket Rockers, GME, Summerlane, Navicula, and a number of other names have been present at the GVFI Sound Store which airs on YouTube GVFI Indonesia. It didn’t stop there, Bisma also invited several bands to collaborate with his brand.

“In the future, we will collaborate with bands that have die hard fans to make collaboration articles in the form of t-shirts, outerwear, boardshorts, tumblr and other accessories,” said Bisma.

In addition to GVFI Distore Sound which presents local musicians and bands, Bisma regularly holds GVFIRTUAL FEST every month through the GVFI Indonesia youtube channel. is a program that contains live shopping sessions accompanied by fashion influencers and current favorite musicians.

“We will always provide a pleasant experience for all GVFI Ganks who shop for our products. Starting from attractive offers at tempting discounts, fun hunting for GVFI products while singing with favorite musicians, and fashion consultations with favorite fashion influencers live,” said Bisma.

In particular, this month also presents a new article called Forever Bloom. With the presence of GVFI Distore Sound and GVFIVIRTUAL FEST every month, Bisma hopes that consumers will have a shopping experience that is different from other brands.

“I’m sure, with us being able to provide a different experience from other online fashion stores like this, hopefully we can form the top of mind for GVFI Ganks, shopping for GVFI products will always be fun forever,” said Bisma.


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