Blasphemed for not appearing at Coachchella, Agnez Mo’s old video is in the spotlight

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Agnes Mo.  (Seno/

1NEWS – Two singers from Indonesia, Rich Brian and Niki Zefanya, performed on the international music stage Coachella 2022 which was held in California, America, on Sunday (17/4) local time. They are Indonesian singers who performed at the prestigious event.

Coachella is an annual arts and music festival held since 1999 spearheaded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen. This is the first festival event after being absent for two consecutive years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rich Brian and Niki’s appearance also stole the public’s attention. However, apart from them the name Agnez Mo is also trending because it is compared to them.

Agnes Mo. (Seno/1NEWS)

Agnez Mo’s career, which went international before Niki Zefanya, was also reviewed. Although Agnes Mo came first, she is rarely seen performing at world-class prestigious music events.

It is different with Niki Zefanya, who has only been under 88Rising for a few years, and can sing in various high-class performances, one of which is Coachella. In addition, Niki Zefanya’s songs also often occupy the most popular charts of various online music service platforms.

Some netizens think that Agnez Mo has never appeared at the prestigious festival. Therefore, netizens using Twitter are busy discussing his achievements and some even think that the Coke Bottle singer has failed to go international.

There are also those who highlight that Agnez Mo prefers to do business over his career in the music world.

“Yesterday afternoon, the child was busy playing a gig at Coachella, eh, this ounty is busy endorsement,” said a netizen.

Agnes Mo.  (Seno/

Agnes Mo. (Seno/1NEWS)

However, loyal fans support Agnez Mo. Many also praised the existence of the singer from Indonesia.

There was also a video upload of Agnez Mo discussing the oblique comments that judged him to be only a co-host at the American Music Awards red carpet event.

“Well, you’re just a co-host on the red carpet, lots of them. If your mindset is like that, it’s not my responsibility. It’s just your small mindset,” said Agnez Mo.

“But at that time, actually, I really wanted to say this. I just didn’t say anything at that time. ‘Yes, if only, why weren’t you there’,” said Agnez Mo.


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