Claiming to Want to Make His Wife in Bed Happy, Kalina Oktarani Exposes Vicky Prasetyo’s Sexual Deviations: Up To Three Times A Day!

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1NEWS, Depok —

The household of Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Oktarani is still in the spotlight after the two chose to separate, even though it has not been even one year of marriage. Now, Kalina has a new love interest who is 17 years younger than Ricky Miraza.

The public also questioned the reason why Kalina Oktarani chose to leave Vicky Prasetyo and chose Ricky Miraza. Whereas previously, Vicky had prided himself and showed off his strength as a “gladiator” who always wanted to satisfy his wife.

However, Vicky’s statement that he always made love up to three times a day to satisfy Kalina actually got an unexpected reply from the sexologist, Doctor Boyke.

This excessive play of love is known as Don Juanism, said dr. Boyke.

Not only that, Boyke’s doctor openly stated that what Vicky experienced was a form of sexual deviation.


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