Don’t come from Moms! This is a safe way to ‘suck’ at that time

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Doctor Boyke Dian Nugraha is outspoken on how to safely do it blow job with a partner to be more harmonious. For him, the oral method is quite safe for couples to do. Because it is another variation of making love.

“It’s quite safe, as long as it’s done by a married couple,” Boyke said.

However, the couple should know some notes for the couple.

“Must maintain oral health, for example brushing teeth and gargling first” he said.

For him, this method is effective in preventing the transmission of germs that can interfere with health.

“Vital organs are also washed first,” he said.

In addition, when your partner has a sore throat, canker sores or other oral disorders, you should not do suction.

“Both must be healthy,” he said.

For that, said doctor Boyke, communication between partners is very important to inform each other’s health conditions.


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