Handsome Meatball Seller in Bandung Viral, Considered Similar to Lee Min Ho

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The Story of a Handsome Meatball Seller

As a big country with massive social media users, there are things that enliven the country’s social media. Like a handsome meatball seller who stirs the virtual world, especially women. Oh, what’s wrong?

The Story of a Handsome Meatball Seller

It is normal to see someone trading meatballs, but apparently not for this man. The young man who sold meatballs became famous. The reason is, many people think he is similar to an actor from South Korea!

Initially, the photo of the meatball seller was uploaded to the @kulinerbandung Instagram account. With the power of a finger, this photo spread to various whatsapp groups. It’s not a netizen, if you don’t dig up what’s viral, it won’t be long before the identity of this handsome meatball seller is revealed.

Source: Instagram @kulinerbandung

Muhammad Daffa Abilla, that’s the name of the meatball seller who is still 19 years old. Daffa is a student majoring in Chemical Engineering at Jenderal Achmad Yani University (Unjani), Cimahi, West Java.

Quoting the Kompas page, Daffa told the story that at first she was selling meatballs. This apparently started from one of the brothers who also sells meatballs.

Around June 2020, his brother made a Mi Baso shop in Kampung Abah in the Batununggal area, Bandung. Because he was interested in business, Daffa also helped.

“I sell while learning to make meatballs,” continued Daffa.

The man who was born on April 26, 2002, said that when he started selling, only three bowls of meatballs were sold a day. Over time, the meatball shop was getting busier. Now, in a day Daffa is able to sell 30-50 bowls!

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Uniquely, the buyers who eat at the shop are mostly teenagers to mothers. After eating, some of them asked for a photo with Daffa.

Selling Meatballs While Studying

The Story of a Handsome Meatball Seller

Source: Instagram @kulinerbandung

“Actually, before selling meatballs, I was often asked to take photos with my mothers. He said I look like Lee Min Ho. Even though (in my opinion) they are not similar,” said Daffa again.

The viral photo of Daffa who looks like a Korean actor actually brings blessings. He felt that more and more people were coming to his shop to eat meatballs. In fact, there are people outside Batununggal who deliberately come to his place.

Furthermore, Daffa said that it was not only appearance capital. He emphasized that the meatballs offered were delicious. The menu is varied with pocket-friendly prices.

Such as meatball tendon pangsit noodles, complete meatball noodles, yamin meatball claws, and several drinks such as orange ice, sweet iced tea, and mineral water. Food prices range from IDR 15,000-25,000. Mi bakso also provides five portions of free food for the first customers every Friday.

For those of you who are students and students, Daffa also has a 10 percent discount promo. All you have to do is show your student card or student card. Daffa also said that she did not have a regular schedule to sell because she was busy studying.

“My schedule for selling is uncertain, because it adjusts to college time,” said Daffa.

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Hobby Business Since High School

The Story of a Handsome Meatball Seller that Goes Viral in Bandung, Makes Focus Fail!

Source: Instagram @kulinerbandung

In fact, the child of Musyfar and Hesty Oktaria is interested in the world entrepreneur since I was in the second grade of high school. At that time he had tried several businesses that were not far from the culinary world.

Among other things, aci meatballs, as well as a men’s facial care business. Daffa admits that the profit generated is sufficient to buy her needs. He didn’t need to ask his parents for pocket money anymore.

But at that time, he was not consistent with his business. His mindset about business has not been steady, so his business has stopped. After high school, he began to seriously pursue business.

“Now, apart from selling meatballs, my business is meatball aci and grilled chicken in Cimahi. God willing, I want to open Mi Baso Abah also in Cimahi,” he said.

Thanks to hard work, Daffa admitted that she was able to buy gold for her mother. Being able to give to her parents is a matter of pride for Daffa. Unfortunately, some of his relatives admitted that there were also those who did not agree with his trading activities for various reasons.

“I’m afraid of being tired, unable, and so on,” concluded Daffa.

I hope this story about this handsome meatball seller inspires you. Parents. Are you interested in seeing this handsome meatball seller?

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