Her husband has a dream to make a dream concert, Ashanty doesn’t hesitate to contact Syahrini even though he was reportedly close to Anang Hermansyah

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1NEWS, Brass —

The couple Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty are always far from gossip or bad issues, so it’s no wonder that the two are often seen showing off their affection when together.

In fact, recently Ashanty was willing to contact Syahrini, the phenomenal former duo Anang Hermansyah and the woman who was reportedly close to her husband.

Apparently this was done by Ashanty in order to realize Anang Hermansyah’s dream concert because it was also Ashanty’s desire to fulfill the wishes of Azriel and Aurel’s father.

“You really hope. There is actually one wish that you have for Pipi that has not been achieved,” said Ashanty in the AH YouTube show.

“Pipi has always wanted to have a concert, Anang Hermansyah. Only in the past, it was Pipi who made him uncomfortable,” he said.

Investigate, Syahrini, who had not communicated with Anang Hermansyah for a long time, also accepted Ashanty’s offer. This is what makes Aurel Hermansyah’s mother continue to be touched by Syahrini’s attitude.

“Seriously, I’m ready. I once contacted Rani (Syahrini) at that time. ‘Oh, just tell me when is Mas Anang’s concert, God willing, if the time is right, I will,” said Ashanty imitating Syahrini.


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