How much is the amount of Zakat Fitrah ahead of Eid, DKI and other regions?

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Paying zakat fitrah for every soul is obligatory. In addition to being self-purifying after performing worship in the month of Ramadan, zakat fitrah can also be interpreted as a form of concern for the underprivileged by sharing a sense of victory on the holidays. Zakat fitrah can be given in the form of staple food in the form of rice or an amount of money whose nominal value has been determined.

The following is the nominal amount of zakat fitrah for DKI and other areas:

The amount of zakat fitrah that must be issued

Zakat fitrah DKI


The zakat fitrah that must be issued is one sha’ or the equivalent of 2.5 kilograms of rice, sago, wheat, dates, and other types of staple foods. While in liter units, the amount is 3.5 liters of rice per person.

Scholars who allow zakat fitrah to be issued in the form of money include Shaikh Yusuf Qardawi. As for what must be issued is one sha’ of staple food whose nominal value is adjusted to the prices prevailing in the area.

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Zakat Fitrah in the form of money

If zakat fitrah is issued in the form of money, the nominal amount is determined based on the agreement of the Amil Zakat Agency for that year.

People can pay zakat fitrah through Baznas, Amil Zakat institutions or mosques in the local environment.

The amount of Zakat Fitrah DKI and its surroundings

The National Amil Zakat Institution which is managed directly by the state, namely the National Amil Zakat Agency or BAZNAS for the DKI area has determined the amount of zakat fitrah in the form of money according to the Decree of the Head of BAZNAS No. 10 of 2022 concerning Zakat Fitrah and Fidyah for the Greater Jakarta Capital area and its surroundings.

The nominal set is equivalent to Rp. 45,000,-/day/person.

This means that if in one family there are 6 members who have entered mandatory Zakat, then the amount of zakat fitrah when paid in the form of money is Rp. 270,000.

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Amount of Zakat Fitrah in Other Regions

Zakat Fitrah DKI


Launching from Tribunnews, apart from the zakat fitrah of DKI, it is also known that other regions have issued the amount of zakat fitrah when it is paid in the form of money. Here is a list of cities.

1. West Java

The amount of zakat fitrah in West Java in 2022 differs between cities or regencies, which ranges from Rp. 25 thousand to Rp. 57 thousand.

2. Tangerang and South Tangerang

The amount of zakat fitrah set for the city of Tangerang in 2022 is IDR 35 thousand.

Meanwhile, for South Tangerang City, the amount of zakat fitrah in 2022 is set at Rp. 35 thousand to Rp. 50 thousand. Launching Tribunnews, the purpose of this range is adjusted to the price of staple foods that are usually consumed by the obligatory zakat.

“The public please choose from the lowest to the highest according to what is consumed daily,” said the General Chairperson of the South Tangerang MUI.

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3. Yogyakarta

If it is in the form of money, the amount of zakat fitrah 2022 in the city of Yogyakarta is IDR 30 thousand.

4. Madison

Lastly, for the City of Madiun, the amount of zakat fitrah 2022 in the form of money is IDR 36 thousand or 3 kg of rice.

When is the best time to fulfill fitrah?

Launching from Web Baznas, the zakat fitrah paid by the community will be distributed to mustahikThese include vulnerable families who are experiencing difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, the payment of zakat fitrah can be started from now on or since the beginning of Ramadan and no later than right before the Eid prayer, which is the best time to pay zakat. However, if the time has passed, then the law of paying zakat fitrah becomes makruh and haram.

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