Imsak Schedule Tuesday 19 April 2022 and the Hadith of the Islamic Holy Book All of which were revealed in the month of Ramadan | 1NEWS

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This imsak schedule refers to the Ministry of Religion guidelines which have made data during Ramadan 1443 H. The following is the imsak schedule for Monday 18 April 2022.

Dream The month of Ramadan was not only the month the Quran was revealed. The scholars believe that the books revealed by Allah SWT through angels to the prophets before Muhammad SAW also descended in this noble month.

Information about the time of the descent of us Allah SWT is mentioned in one of Aisyah’s narrations quoted by al-Bayhaqi and al-Thabari. The hadith mentions that the previous books were also revealed in the month of Ramadan.

“From Aisha RA, she said: Suhuf al-Ula (the book of the prophet Ibrahim AS) was revealed in the first days of the month of Ramadan, the Torah was revealed on the sixth day of Ramadan, the Gospel was revealed on the 12th of Ramadan, while the Zabur was revealed on the 18th. Ramadan. The Quran was revealed on the 24th day of Ramadan.”

From the above hadith it can be concluded that other religious books were also revealed in the month of Ramadan, which is as follows, quoted from

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– Suhuf al-Ula (the book of the prophet Ibrahim AS): the early days of the month of Ramadan.

– The Torah: the sixth day of the month of Ramadan.

– The Bible: 12 Ramadan.

– Book of Zabur: 18 Ramadan.

– Al-Quran: specifically the Qur’an, the scholars differ between being revealed on the 17th of Ramadan or the 24th of Ramadan.

For Dream Friends who are waiting for the imsak time. The following is the schedule for Imsak 17 Ramadan or Monday 19 April 2022 for the city of Jakarta and 4 other cities.

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Jakarta Imsak Schedule

Jakarta Imsak Schedule© (Source:

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Manado Imsak Schedule

Manado Imsak Schedule© (Source:

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Yogyakarta Imsak Schedule

Yogyakarta Imsak Schedule© (Source:

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Imsak Tarakan Schedule

Imsak Tarakan Schedule© (Source:

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Imsak Gorontalo Schedule

Imsak Gorontalo Schedule© (Source:

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Imsak Schedule for All Cities and Jakarta During Ramadan 1443 H

Imsak schedules in all cities in Indonesia can also be accessed on the Ministry of Religion website.

Complete Imsakiyah DKI Jakarta Schedule During Ramadan 1443 H© (Source: Ministry of Religion RI)

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