Jefri Nichol and Taj Belleza Break Up!

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Jefri Nichol.  (Seno/

1NEWS – Jefri Nichol created a commotion after posting a photo of an intimate kiss with Taj Belleza on Twitter recently. In the upload, Jefri announced that they were dating.

But recently sharing the happy news of dating, Jefri Nichol is now known to have broken up with Taj Belleza who is the son of entrepreneur Reuben Elishama.

The news of the breakup of Jefri Nichol and Taj Belleza was revealed when the Dear Nathan film player became a guest star on Erika Carlina’s YouTube channel.

Jefri Nichol. (Seno/1NEWS)

“What kind of girl are you looking for? What’s fun?” said Erika Carlina asked Jefri recently.

Jefri Nichol also openly admitted that he was not looking for a girlfriend because he was very busy.

“For now, I’m not looking for it,” answered Jefri Nichol.

Hearing Jefri’s words, Erika was curious because the public knew that the handsome actor had a girlfriend, namely Taj Belleza.

“Lo, don’t you already have a boyfriend?” asked Erika Carlina again.

Jefri Nichol was silent, thinking about the answer to Erika’s question. Finally, the actor who just beat up the nosy netizen admitted that he had broken up.

“Um, I just broke up. Yes, that’s fine,” said Jefri Nichol.

Jefri Nichol.  (Seno/

Jefri Nichol. (Seno/1NEWS)

Jefri Nichol revealed, currently dating has not been felt right for him. According to him, when he had a girlfriend and an argument broke out, it disturbed him.

“Because when you’re fighting with your boyfriend, it’s really annoying,” said Jefri Nichol.

Jefri Nichol and Taj Belleza began announcing their love affair on February 14, 2021. They uploaded an intimate photo where the two hugged and kissed each other. Recently, Jefri Nichol made a scene that he was reportedly close to Livy Ranata. Jefri Nichol asserts that currently he and Livy Renata are only having a garden.

“We’re not just friends,” admitted Jefri Nichol to reporters in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta.


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