Jefri Nichol What Happens After Fighting with Netizens in the Boxing Ring

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Jefri Nichol.  (Seno/

1NEWS – Recently, Jefri Nichol challenged one of the netizens to a boxing fight. He said, after the fight, Keanu, the netizen who fought, with him suddenly vented about his family.

This was revealed by Jefri Nichol when he was met in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, recently. According to him, his fight with Keanu only happened in the arena, after that the situation returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

“Yes (Keanu) apologized, then after that he vented. He told me that he already had one child, was married,” said Jefri Nichol.

Jefri Nichol. (Seno/1NEWS)

The boxing fight between Jefri Nichol and Keanu itself began with Keanu’s tweet on Twitter that cornered Jefri Nichol. Disapproved, the actor who played the film Jakarta VS Everybody then invited him to fight boxing. It didn’t stop there, Jefri was willing to visit Keanu to Bandung, West Java and provide a special place for the two to fight.

After the fist fight was over, Jefri Nichol considered his problem with Keanu over. “Finally smoking together, right, it’s over,” he explained.

Before the fist fight in the boxing arena took place, Jefri Nichol was indeed aggressively fighting those who carried out acts of piracy for his film, Jakarta VS Everybody. On Twitter, Nichol had revealed one of the people suspected of spreading the illegal link to the film.

The connection with Keanu is because the account named Keanupahlevi thinks Jefri Nichol is doing doxing by spreading the identity of the pirates of his film.

“That’s because someone pirated the film and kept sharing the link. Then I showed you I have the address that spreads the link to an illegal film. Then someone got angry that I shared that address, even though I already censored it. Doxing is all sorts of things, Then, I’ve challenged it and arrived in Bandung,” explained Jefri Nichol.


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