Jenny Jusuf Presents Tips for Writing Affirmations to Motivate Yourself at BincangShopee Big Ramadan Sale 2022 | 1NEWS

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As part of the Big Ramadan Sale, Shopee presents a series of events to commemorate Kartini Day. The event, entitled BincangShopee Big Ramadan Sale: Express Yourself Through Creation, presented three inspiring women as resource persons, one of whom was Jenny Jusuf as Scriptwriter & Content Creator.

As a woman who is known for her writings on self-love, in this event Jenny shared tips for expressing herself through writing as well as steps in writing positive sentences or affirmations so that Indonesian women can gain confidence from their own work.

Everyone has self-potential that must be continuously developed in order to improve the quality as an individual. This can be done in any way as long as it suits the interests, talents, and needs of each person. This was emphasized by Jenny Jusuf who said, “We can train ourselves to be brave to express ourselves through any creation. Whether through writing, content, or other works. Whatever the form of creation, it will be very valuable if it is born from our own hands because we will be able to understand the hidden emotions within ourselves and express them in a positive way. As a result, we can manage every feeling we have well so that it has a positive impact on how we behave in everyday life.”

Not only a talk show session, the BincangShopee Big Ramadan Sale “Express Yourself Through Creation” also invites the audience to join the workshop “Write Affirmations for Self-Motivation” led by Jenny Jusuf. Affirmations are statements in the form of positive sentences that can help us overcome negative thoughts and beliefs. If done continuously and repeatedly, it is believed that affirmations will help oneself to initiate positive changes in life. There are four steps to affirmation which Shopee has summarized below:

1. Choose a negative thought, emotion, or belief you have about yourself or the situation at hand

Everyone must have had negative thoughts or feelings about themselves, not only having an impact on mental and emotional conditions, excessive negative feelings can also affect physical health. Therefore, it is very important for us to always try to overcome the negative feelings that we have. In the first step in writing affirmations for yourself, you can choose the negative feelings that you are currently feeling or have buried to be the basis for the affirmation words that you will make.

2. Write a sentence containing positive affirmations with the following conditions:

Start your sentence with “I…” or, “I…”. To make it more personal and easier to pronounce, you can also adjust the language you use to your native language, yes!

Because it aims as self-motivation, make sure the sentences you write contain only positive things. Avoid words that have negative connotations, such as, “Can’t,” “I won’t,” “Not sure,” and so on.

Don’t forget, the sentences you write are thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that are realistic and can be realized, avoid things that are beyond your capacity or are fantasy. For example, like “I’m sure I can get through this, even though it will be difficult, I will try slowly, thank you for being strong until now.”

3. After you finish writing, visualize and say your affirmation sentence

For maximum results, you can read the affirmations you have made in front of a mirror or phone camera. The purpose of this step is so that you can seem to have a direct dialogue with yourself, so that the affirmations that are spoken can be received better.

4. Repeat the same affirmations twice a day, in the morning before going to work and at night before going to bed.

If done consistently and continuously, affirmations will function like ‘sports and a healthy lifestyle’ for our minds and perspectives. Slowly but surely, the mindset will experience positive changes so that we can develop into better individuals in living our daily lives. These steps are expected to help design positive statements and overcome disturbing negative thoughts, beliefs, and habits. Don’t forget, this method can also be adapted to your conditions and needs!

After knowing how to write self-affirmations, don’t forget to look for tools and materials that can help you be creative and give yourself an appreciation. You can take advantage of a variety of interesting promos at the peak of the Big Ramadan Sale campaign on April 20 which consists of Free Shipping for Rp.0 All Stores, 50% Cashback Every Hour, up to Discounts of up to 90% for various products that you can use to accompany your routine during holy month of Ramadan.

“Shopee is very happy to always share inspiration with the Indonesian people in helping meet the needs of daily life, especially during the warm moment of the holy month of Ramadan this year. All Shopee users can fulfill their needs by taking advantage of various attractive offers during the Big Ramadan Sale campaign. We believe, all Shopee friends must have unique and valuable potential in each of them. It is important for us to be able to express this so that we can develop ourselves to be a better version in the future, especially to get blessings during purifying ourselves in the month of Ramadan.” closed Putri Lukman, Head of FMCG Shopee Indonesia.

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