Kaesang Woles Sees Jokowi Getting Thinner: You Don’t Like Eating, It’s Strange Too

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Birthday Artist on Christmas Day.  (Instagram/@kaesangp)

John Endra

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 | 04:00 WIB

1NEWS – Kaesang Pangarep dared to reveal funny things about Jokowi, including about his father’s body which is considered to be getting thinner.

It all started when Irfan Hakim asked Kaesang about Jokowi, who he considered getting thinner.

Irfan Hakim asked one thing that might also represent a number of Indonesian people, regarding Jokowi’s stature. Irfan observed that the figure of the number one person in Indonesia looked thinner.

“I think he’s getting thinner (Pak Jokowi),” said Irfan Hakim on his YouTube account, Monday (4/18/2022).

Hearing that, Kaesang just smiled faintly and answered hilariously. According to him, such a stature is innate, so there is no need to worry.

“It’s like malnutrition. Yes, it’s really skinny. Congenital that. The problem is that if the body is enlarged, it will be strange later,” answered Kaesang.

Kaesang. (Instagram/@kaesangp)

The answer immediately made Irfan Hakim laugh. Irfan also asked about Kaesang’s body, which looks sturdy, different from Jokowi’s.

“How come you’re so big?” asked Irfan Hakim.

Again Kaesang answered without thinking.

“You eat,” said Kaesang.

“Your father didn’t eat?” asked Irfan again.

Instead of answering the real reason, Kaesang again made a joke that made Irfan Hakim laugh out loud.

“We don’t eat, we don’t give food because. So if you want to eat, we’ll take it,” said Kaesang and laughed to himself.

Irfan Hakim is still curious and continues to explore Jokowi’s eating habits. He considered Jokowi’s figure to be simple in terms of food.

“Eh, but you eat really simple, don’t you?” asked Irfan.

As if not bored, Kaesang joked again, this time while half mocking his father by mentioning the tongue ndeso.

“Yes, because no hooked right if you give it something that is not simple. Tongue tongue desso because,” said Kaesang.

He also admitted that he was different about food with his father.

“Well, yes, it’s different (tastes). If you are given fried tempeh, I’m really happy,” he concluded.

President Jokowi is known as a simple figure, including in terms of food. In addition to simple food, Jokowi is also known to regularly consume herbs to maintain his body health. (Chandra Wulan)


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