Kim Woojin Ex Stray Kids Ready to Star in HBO Max’s New Series, Além do Guarda-Roupa | Kpop Chart

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The South Korean solo singer will again showcase his acting skills for the new Brazilian series from HBO Max.

Titled Alem do Guarda-Roupa alias Beyond the Wardrobe is a series that will feature Kim Woojin, a former member of Stray Kids, as a character named Kyungmin, a member of a boy group South Korea is called ACT.

Kim Woojin, Sharon Blanche (Photo: IG woooojin0408, blaancche)

Kim Woojin will later play opposite Brazilian actress, Sharon Blanche (playing Carol), for a series that tells the story of a teenager from Sāo Paulo, Brazil, who finds a portal and meets K-Pop artists through it.

Through Woojin’s agency, 10X Entertainment, it was discovered that the soloist is currently in Brazil filming the series Alem do Guarda-Roupa and will return to South Korea in June 2022.

Kim Woojin, Jaechan, Jin Kwon, Lee Min Wook (

The series, which will air in 2023, will also star Jin Kwon, Jaechan, and Lee Min Wook who act as other team members from ACT.

Are you also looking forward to the first series from Kim Woojin? (1NEWS)

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