Lebaran is still far away, Ketupat skin traders have appeared

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1NEWS – Even though Lebaran is still two weeks away, seasonal ketupat skin traders are starting to peddle their wares.

This view can be seen on the side of the road along Jalan Pasar Palmerah, West Jakarta, to Pasar Pisang.

The traders mostly come from Serang, Banten. They are already used to being sellers of seasonal ketupat skin.

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“We use trucks here to sell a lot,” said Sulaimin to 1NEWS, Monday (18/4).

As it turned out, the ketupat skin traders were not only there before Idul Fitri, but also during Eid.

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They have come to Jakarta to sell since the beginning of Ramadan and usually will continue to grow.

“We work on orders while selling. Currently, most of the buyers are from home traders who buy them,” he said.

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However, continued Sulaimin, buyers will continue to grow ahead of the D-7 Eid.


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