Menpora: Big Supporters Contribute to the Success of League 1 and League 2 Competitions | 1NEWS

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Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Zainudin Amali, expressed his appreciation to all Indonesian supporters.

Because supporters have become the determinant of the success of the 2021 Menpora Cup, League 1 and League 2 pre-season tournaments.

According to Zainudin Amali, Indonesian fans can fight against themselves and change their habits, to be patient and continue watching from home.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there were indeed many parties who did not approve of the football competition if it was attended by spectators.

This is because the Covid-19 case is still quite high and it is feared that the virus will spread if fans come to the stadium.

“In the beginning, many doubted, sneered, and said various things,” said Zainudin.

“But the hard starting point is when I have to guarantee in writing and also the PSSI Ketum, a tournament must be with strict procedures and without spectators.”

“Alhamdulillah, from the start of success with the holding of the pre-season tournament (Menpora Cup) we have experience for League 1 and League 2,” he explained.

The Minister of Youth and Sports admitted that one of the successes of the implementation was that the supporters obeyed the rules of the government and the federation.

“Appreciation to all supporters because what was previously thought to be impossible, many doubted, it turned out to be possible,” said Zainudin.

“With good communication, I’m sure everyone can do it, they obey, not only don’t come to the stadium but come closer, don’t even get together, all support from home.”

The public and all parties realize that the presence of the audience is the spirit for the players and the club as well as the excitement of the match.

Therefore, in Law No. 11 of 2022 concerning Sports, supporters are specifically regulated regarding their rights and obligations.

According to Zainudin, matches without spectators seemed like something was missing. He hopes that in the next season’s competition, fans will be able to enter the stadium.

“Later we sit down with PSSI and other parties to discuss it. Once again, appreciation to all supporters,” said the Minister of Youth and Sports.

“And for PSSI, at the age of 92, we have colored it with positive things and achievements that are awaited by our society,” he explained. (


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