Mentioned about Unforgettable Memories with Ex-Girlfriend, Raffi Ahmad’s answer immediately became the spotlight: Everything…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Raffi Ahmad’s appearance in the Sahur Persbukers entertainment program on Monday (18/4/2022) also captured the public’s attention. The reason is that there is a segment that suddenly mentions the unforgettable memories of the former.

The segment was presented by Raffi Ahmad and Enzy Storia. The video shown shows a woman being ridden by her boyfriend on a motorbike. The woman climbed into the back seat of the motorcycle. When the motorbike was running, the woman fell backwards.

Enzy then said that the courtship moment would be an unforgettable memory for the woman. He then asked Raffi what unforgettable memories Raffi had when he was dating his ex-girlfriends.

“What are your unforgettable memories with your ex-girlfriend?” asked Enzy quoted from the ANTV Pesbukers Sahurnya program on Monday, (4/18/2022).

Raffi Ahmad’s answer turned out to be a laugh. “Because it’s an ex, everything is forgotten,” said Raffi.


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