Mother Stabs Girl’s Child at Sahur, Check the Facts Behind it – 1NEWS

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1NEWS/ist/ stabs a girl at dawn, check the facts behind it

A video of a girl crying hysterically with the help of a man has gone viral on social media. Rumors circulated that the woman was slashed and stabbed by her own mother.
In the viral video, the girl is seen crying with a man in black standing next to her. The man who helped the woman also appeared to mention the girl’s mother who did the stabbing.

“It was her mother who stabbed,” the man in the video says as he continues to hold the girl. Meanwhile, the girl was still seen crying.

The man then asked the girl’s house and was immediately answered by telling her that her house was downstairs. From a distance a woman wearing a headscarf and wearing a yellow jacket who is the mother of the girl approaches and declares that the woman is her child.

“This is my son,” said the mother.

“Then why were you stabbed, ma’am,” said the man in the video.

“No fighting,” replied the mother.

“Yeah, don’t get stabbed,” said the man in a harsh tone.

At the end of the video the girl finally gets on the motorbike of the male partner and leaves her mother.

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