Music Market Domination, BIGBANG Now Becomes Idol Group With Most PAK Songs! | Kpop Chart

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boy group This senior who is under the auspices of YG Entertainment has shown great achievements for their comeback in 2022, which dominates the music market both in South Korea and the world.

Returning with “Still Life” on April 5, 2022, BIGBANG has managed to bag more than 80 Perfect All-Kills since its release.

BIGBANG (Photo: “Still Life” MV)

With this achievement, BIGBANG has also become the idol group with the most PAK-winning songs, including “Blue”, “Loser”, “Let’s Not Fall in Love”, “Fxxk It”, “Flower Road”, and “Still Life”. Meanwhile, IU is still the solo singer with the most PAK holder, which is 21 songs.

Even without any promotions, BIGBANG’s “Still Life” also managed to bring home the winning trophy from a music program and perched on the Billboard charts.


Congratulations to BIGBANG and the fans, VIPs, on the great achievement! (1NEWS)

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