Nyai Secretly Has Savings Just To Satisfy Sexual Desire, Explains The Duration Of Playing In Bed With This Artist: He’s the Shortest

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1NEWS, Bogor —

Three times failing to build a household has made Nikita Mirzani reluctant to think about the issue of marriage. He admitted that he would be happier if he wasn’t involved in a relationship status, but he could still have fun.

The woman, who is familiarly called Nyai, had opened up about the figure of a man who was once considered her place to hang out, who turned out to be from among the artists. Reportedly close to a number of men, Nikita Mirzani is said to have had a relationship with Vicky Nitinegoro.

This was revealed during a casual conversation with Roy Ricardo. Nikita openly admitted that she had played in bed with Vicky Nitinegoro even though the man was not in the ranks of her ex-boyfriend.

This moment was captured in a video titled “THE TIME IS THIS SINGING WITHOUT A CLOTHING!!?? ROY’S WIFE PANIC!! VIEWERS HAPPY!!” which airs on the Crazy Nikmir REAL YouTube channel.

“Who’s the ex with the shortest duration? Take off three pieces of his clothes,” asked Roy Ricardo.

Nikita also revealed that she was not satisfied with the service because of the short duration in bed. Because so far there has never been a man who let her down when making love to him. Then a name came out of Niki’s mouth who didn’t come from his love story, but only considered him as a friend to hang out with.


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