Opening Schedule Monday 18 April 2022 and How to Fill Nuzulul Quran Night | 1NEWS

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Reporting from NU Online, as conveyed by PCNU Chairman Sumedang H Sa’dullah, there are three ways that a Muslim can do to fill the night of Nuzulul Quran:

First, is istiqomah reading the Koran. In the month of Ramadan, at least you have to khatam once during Ramadan.

Second, have to multiply Itikaf. During Itikaf read the Koran or dhikr and others.

Third, multiply the night prayers and prayers.

That’s Friends of Dream, three ways that can be done to fill the night of Nuzulul Quran. For those of you who are waiting for iftar, here is the schedule for breaking the fast for 16 Ramadan 1443 H or Monday, April 16 2022 for Jakarta and 4 other cities.

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