Ratna Sarumpaet Calls Her Hoaxes Interesting in Politics – 1NEWS

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Ratna Sarumpaet was present on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast to be forthright about her hoaxes that had gone viral in 2018.
At that time, Atiqah Hasiholan’s mother admitted that she was beaten, even though the truth was that she had just had plastic surgery.

Deddy was curious about what made Ratna Sarumpaet lie. Initially, Ratna admitted that she only wanted to lie to Atiqah.

“Because, son, I lied to my child, I also don’t understand why I have to lie to my child, not my son who paid for my surgery, so I really don’t know,” said Ratna Sarumpaet, quoted Monday (18/4/2022) .

However, the hoax made by Ratna Sarumpaet became a political issue at that time. It all started when he also lied to his colleague who is a politician.

“I lied to my child because there were bruises on his face, that must be a question, then there were some promises (guests) I couldn’t refuse at home, now the contents of the bruises are still there, just walk,” he said.

According to Ratna, her hoaxes have become an interesting issue on the political stage. Even though he only realized it recently.

“Yes, because it is possible, I apologize if not, because maybe this is soft for politics,” said Ratna, who was then part of the Prabowo-Sandi campaign team in the 2019 presidential election.

“An old woman was beaten, because the person I spoke to was a political person, so she might think that it was because she believed what I said was true, even though I was lying,” he said again.

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