Reliable Sperm Affairs Due to Beauty Treatment, Nikita Mirzani admits it tastes like seafood?!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

In order to take care of her beauty and stay young, Nikita Mirzani admitted that he had swallowed the sperm of the opposite sex. In fact, he is outspoken about the taste.

This extreme action was taken by Nikita while performing treatment while undergoing vital organ surgery.

In her YouTube channel, Nikita Mirzani also admitted that he had tried various flavors of sperm.

“I’ve swallowed sperm before. There must have been a lot of women,” said Nikita.

According to Nikita, the taste of semen will depend on the food the man eats.

Therefore, this 36-year-old woman admitted that she had swallowed fruit-flavored sperm to fried rice.

“So I’ve tasted fruit-flavored sperm. I’ve tasted seafood-flavored sperm. I’ve tasted fried rice-flavoured sperm,” explained Nikita Mirzani.

“But when I see something that tastes really sweet, it’s like bubble gum. I rinse my mouth and then I swallow it, haha,” said Nikita Mirzani while demonstrating.


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