Riki Dwi Saputro’s Contract Issues Ended Peacefully, This Is the Result of PSS Sleman and Persekat Tegal Management Meeting | 1NEWS

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PSS Sleman’s Managing Director, Andy Wardhana, explained that Riki Dwi Saputro’s contract issue was only a misunderstanding between the two parties.

Previously, Indonesian football fans were excited about the Riki Dwi Saputro case.

He was introduced by PSS Sleman as a player who got a contract extension for Liga 1 next season.

However, on the same day the Liga 2 team Persekat Tegal also announced Riki was included in their squad.

This was in the spotlight because one player has a contract for two teams next season.

In response to this problem, PSS Sleman’s management decided to go to Tegal to hold direct talks on Sunday (17/4/2022).

The meeting was attended by the President Director of PSS Sleman, Andy Wardhana and the manager of Persekat Tegal Ersal Aburizal, and the CEO of Persekat Tegal, Haron Bagas Prakosa.

Andy explained at this meeting that he apologized for this problem.

“First of all, I would like to thank the Persekat management for welcoming us to Tegal.”

“On behalf of the management, I apologize to all elements of Persekat Tegal because of the noise that occurred some time ago,” said Andy Wardhana as reported by BolaSport.com from the club’s official website.

The management of PSS Sleman has not yet completed the procedures that should be carried out.

Thus, this problem arose because there was a miscommunication between the two parties.

Riki Dwi Saputro when he still had a contract with Persekat Tegal but had reached a verbal agreement with PSS Sleman.

“Last season PSS borrowed Riki from Persekat. We have prepared a letter to return players to Persekat.”

“But indeed it is a miss to do,” added Andy.

The CEO of Persekat Tegal, Haron Bagas Prakosa, explained that his party had no problem with Riki’s contract.

He gave his appreciation because the management of the Super Elja team came directly to discuss this issue.

“From me, I don’t have a problem with that. I also thank PSS who have come all the way to Tegal to talk to us.”

“Hopefully this will make the relationship between Tegal and Sleman awake again,” he explained.


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