Seriously, Adnan Khan Plans to Live in Indonesia for a Few Years

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1NEWS – Adnan Khan, a figure we know through the Iqh Subhanallah (ANTV) series three years ago, is a very friendly, humble, and very cheerful person. Chatting with Adnan, you can feel how enthusiastic and happy he is. Especially when we talk about Indonesia. Having been to Indonesia three times, it seems that Adnan Khan has truly fallen in love with this country.

On his third visit this year, to fill the Sahurnya Pesbukers a few weeks ago, Adnan—a Dubai-born actor— called his mother, telling her how he felt at home in Indonesia. “I called my mother, telling her how beautiful Indonesia is. I love the people, I love the food. Oh, I can walk alone, find and try Indonesian food. I really like to eat, and eat everything. Then, I said to my mother, ‘Mom, I think one day I want to live in Indonesia, we live in Indonesia,’” Adnan Khan told his mother.

Yes, Adnan reiterated, why not? “I love this country. And already in my head, I plan to want to stay here. I’m sure it will be fun. But that’s the plan later, yes, maybe 10 years. I will prepare everything first, then I move here (Indonesia),” he said.

Adnan Khan filled the Sahurnya Pesbukers program for approximately two weeks, with Shakti Arora, Vishal Singh, Tinaa Datta, Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Unfortunately, Adnan has returned to India on April 14 last. Now, it is Shaheer Sheikh’s turn to fill the Sahurnya Pesbukers event.


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