So that it fits and doesn’t break, these are tips for arranging Nastars in a jar

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Arrange Nastar

Nastar is one of the most favorite pastries during Eid. Lots Parents who made his own nastar cake for the special day. After making nastar, the next thing to dothink about is how to arrange the nastars into jars.

Arranging nastars into jars can be said to be difficult and easy. The texture of the nastar that is very fragile makes it easy to break when put in a jar. The size of the nastar must also be considered so that it can fit into the jar.

5 Ways to Arrange Eid Nastar in Jars

Source: Instagram/mabelyn_cake

In addition, the preparation of the nastar will also determine many things, such as visuals, decoration and quality, especially if the nastar is produced for resale. As a manufacturer of course Parents will also pay attention to the appearance of the nastar cake jar which also determines consumer impressions. Here are some tips for stacking nastars into jars so that they fit and don’t break.

1. Choose the Appropriate Jar

The choice of jars for stacking nastars must be considered Parents. The recommended jar materials are mica and glass. The sturdy structure makes mica and glass considered able to withstand shocks that make the nastar easy to break.

In addition, according to Erni Dwita’s Yotube channel, who shares similar tips, Parents You can use waka jars with code D140, size 500 grams, which can load up to 570 grams of nastars with a total of 57 nastars in one jar.

2. Create Varied Nastar Sizes

Arrange Nastar

Source: Instagram/liuin85

The slits in the jar will make the cakes wobble easily, so the nastar has the potential to break easily. To minimize gaps and maximize the number of nastars in the jar, Parent can make the shape of the size of the nastar varies. There are big ones and smaller ones.

The larger size, which is 6 grams of dough and 4 grams of filling, can be placed on the edge of the jar so that the nastar appearance looks tempting.

Meanwhile, to maximize the contents of the jar so as to reduce the gap, a smaller nastar size is needed with a dough weighing 5 grams and filling 4 grams. These small sizes can be inserted to fill gaps in a jar or to be placed in the inner or center area.

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3. Put the heavy cake on the bottom

These tips require precision and foresight, yes Parents. To prevent the nastar from breaking easily, Parents You can choose a heavier or thicker textured cake to place at the bottom of the jar. It aims to withstand the load of nastar that is on it.

4. Arrange starting from the base area at the very edge

Arrange nastar

Source: Instagram/mamikyu_kitchen

Next thing to do Parents Note is that the arrangement of the nastar from the base of the jar is done one by one following the shape of the jar. It is important to pay attention to the density of the nastar arrangement, so that it is not difficult to take but also not too loose which can cause the nastar arrangement to easily change or sway. This is to prevent the nastar from breaking easily .

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5. Give the base and plastic cover

When the nastar is ripe and ready to be stored, Parents You can prepare a base in the form of white oil paper with a beautiful shape or clear plastic so that the arranged nastars look neat and are more pleasing to the eye, you know.

Meanwhile, to prevent air from entering the jar which can later reduce the crispness of the nastar when you are about to eat it, Parents can provide a barrier and cover in the form of thin clear plastic on the top.

Now, parents, Don’t forget to practice these 5 tips for preparing nastar cakes for Eid later.

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