Stale Tea Can Make Husband’s Mr.P Longer, Myth or Fact Yes, Moms?

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Mr. A long P can increase self-confidence for every man. Unfortunately, not all men have long penises. So, is there a way to extend Mr. Q? This is what sexologist dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha SpOG MARS.

Doctor Boyke explained that the size of the man’s organs could not be enlarged or lengthened by natural methods.

“The size is from there. Can extend by way of surgery,” said Doctor Boyke.

In the show with the title “Only Desta Who Ordinarily Hear Questions at the Tonight Clinic,” the doctor explained the consequences of having a man’s vital organ operated on.

“His vital organs break easily when making love,” explained Doctor Boyke quoted by 1NEWS, Tuesday (10/8).

He explained, it is useless to extend the male organ because it is dangerous. For example, in various countries there are many reports related to these cases. According to him, even traditional methods can not extend the male vital organs.

“Can’t,” he said.

For him, using stale tea smeared on men’s weapons to prolong is a myth because it is not proven.

“It’s all a lie with stale tea, it’s just a myth,” he explained.

In addition, leech oil, which is believed to be able to prolong, has not been proven.

“Leech oil does not (can extend, ed),” he said.


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