Staying at Persib, Frets Butuan is ready to take extreme actions for a better next season | 1NEWS

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Frets Butuan ensures that they are still part of the Persib Bandung team, to face the Liga 1 competition next season.

The reason is that according to the player who plays as a winger, the duration of his contract with Persib Bandung has not ended and there is still one more year left.

So, after the end of the 2021-2022 Liga 1 competition, he will still wear the Persib costume.

For information, until now the Maung Bandung squad has released as many as 10 players, two of which are foreign legions, Bruno Cantanhede and Mohammed Rashid.

“In Persib there is still another year,” said Frets Butuan.

In the 2021-2022 Liga 1 competition, Frets feels that they have not performed optimally, so before entering the League 1 competition next season, he will take advantage of the time available to fix his shortcomings.

Thus, it is hoped that in the League 1 competition next season, they can perform even better and bring the Maung Bandung squad to win the title.

Moreover, apart from Liga 1, the Maung Bandung squad has another agenda, namely the AFC Cup, so preparations must be more mature.

For information, in the 2021-2022 Liga 1 competition, Frets Butuan got the opportunity to play in 33 matches and contributed three goals and six assists for the Persib team.

“Yes, maybe next season we can focus more, practice more up front, extend finishing, crossing, baiting skills, that’s an evaluation for now,” said Frets Butuan.

Get Award

Frets Butuan himself was chosen as Favorite Player, in the Persib Award event which took place at Paberik Badjoe Factory Outlet, Bandung City, Wednesday (13/4/2022).

At the Persib Award event, there were three names of players who were nominated for Favorite Player, namely Teja Paku Alam, Marc Klok and Frets Butuan.

The owner of the number 21 jersey, managed to beat two of his colleagues in that category.

The winners in each category were determined through a voting system carried out by the jury, Persib management, and the elected bolaoh.

Receiving the title of Favorite Player, Frets Butuan feels grateful and proud, according to him, this result was obtained thanks to the support of the people around him and Bobotoh.

“First of all I thank God I have the strength to finish the league unscathed and play 33 games. I’m proud to have a favorite player,” said Frets Butuan.

On Vacation

Meanwhile, the Persib Bandung team’s training activities are currently on holiday after the end of the 2021-2022 Liga 1 competition, the plan is that the Maung Bandung squad will return to training after Eid.

The majority of players, after the end of the 2021-2022 Liga 1 competition, chose to return to their hometowns to gather with their families.

The reason is, they have been separated from their families for a long time because they focus on practicing and competing.

Frets Butuan himself, is still enjoying his vacation in Bandung and running an independent training program to maintain his fitness condition.

He plans to return to his hometown at the end of this month.


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