Suddenly wearing a hijab, Haruka Nakagawa is excited to be thought to have changed religion: Subhannallah!

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Haruka Nakagawa in a hijab.  (Instagram/haruuuu_chan)

Haruka wears a hijab, even though she is thought to have changed religion.

John Endra

Monday, April 18, 2022 | 13:37 WIB

1NEWS – Haruka Nakagawa has recently appeared in a hijab quite often on social media. Even though she is not a Muslim, the Japanese woman seems to have a high tolerance for it so she doesn’t mind wearing the hijab.

In a video, Haruka dances to TikTok while wearing a hijab. Many netizens say that Haruka looks cute and beautiful when she wears a simple hijab.

Haruka flexes and dances while lip syncing the song popularized by Tasya Kamila entitled “Arti Puasa”. Her cheerful face when dancing and lip syncing also did not escape the spotlight of netizens.

“What is the meaning of fasting? Fasting does not eat. Fasting does not drink. From dawn to dusk,” reads the description in the video uploaded by Haruka.

Haruka Nakagawa in a hijab. (Instagram/haruuuu_chan)

Meanwhile, in the caption, Haruka said that he was learning from the song. However, it is not known whether Haruka is studying fasting or just learning Indonesian.

A series of netizens were also compactly praising Haruka. At the same time, it turns out that there are also netizens who think Haruka has changed religion.

“Looks so beautiful in hijab,” commented netizen.

“Hopefully you can guide me,” said another netizen.

“It seems that I have converted to Islam, the face looks very happy. But we are Amen, O Allah,” added another.

“Belooom (changed religion)… Sotoy,” replied another netizen.

“Masha Allah ukhti may be istiqomah,” commented netizens.

“Subhannallah, kawaii desu sis Harukaa!!” another netizen said.

“Kuylah Haruka creed, it’s really suitable, you know, wearing the hijab,” added another.


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