Synopsis of PELANGI FOR NIRMALA SCTV Episode 22 Today Monday 18 April 2022

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1NEWS – Synopsis RAINBOW FOR NIRMALA SCTV Episode 22 Today Monday 18 April 2022

Street children are seen resting. Anas’ car stopped. For a moment Anas Cs got down and opened the rear trunk. Ratna, Nirmala, and Pelangi distributed takjil and complete rice wraps. The children are very happy.

Meanwhile, Alea entered the cafe and approached Arifin who was waiting. Arifin looks neat and tidy so Alea immediately GR. Arifin apologized for not calling Alea for several days.

Anas’ car stopped at Ratna’s house. Anas cs down. Anas told Ratna he wanted to go home. Anas then went to Nirmala to tell him to be fine. Nirmala thanks Anas and hugs Anas tightly. Anas is touched.

The next day, Ratna and Pelangi took Nirmala to her school. At that time, Nirmala became the center of attention of her friends. Seeing Nirmala being escorted by bicycle, his friends immediately scoffed.

Diana and Alea are also at school. Diana and Alea were laughing while chatting. But a moment later their laughter disappeared, seeing Ratna and Pelangi who escorted Nirmala.

Ratna and Pelangi come home from school on their bicycles. Not long they were surprised by Alea’s car approaching them. Alea told Ratna to come to her senses. Alea suddenly accidentally hit Pelangi’s bicycle.

That night, Diana was driving alone. His cell phone rings. Diana picked up. From Alea. Diana said she was cooling her dizzy head. Alea tells that Anas has really been poisoned by Ratna’s brain.

At that time Diana looked ahead. There is a rainbow in the distance. Diana was furious. This kid is the source of all the trouble! Diana stepped on the gas pedal. Suddenly Nirmala appeared in front of Pelangi!


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