The Many Faces of Doctor Strange

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After Spider-Man: No Way Home open browsing to multiverseMarvel continues the theme through Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Past trailers that has been exhibited, 1NEWS friends are invited to watch the adventures of Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) exploring multiverse to face a new and mysterious threat. In her struggle, she will be assisted by a number of other characters such as Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), Wong (Benedict Wong), America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), and others.

The most interesting thing shown in this film is the emergence of several versions of Doctor Strange. Besides the original version, we can find evil version the so-called Sinister Strange; the zombie version that appeared in the series What If…?; Defender Strange, adapted from the version of Doctor Strange who joined the Defenders team; and Supreme Strange who only appears in the form of a statue.

But did you know that 1NEWS friends, there are still many other versions of the Sorcerer Supreme that are no less unique. Some of them can be listened to through the discussion this time, so check it out! [Aseek]

Origin: Earth-791021 (Duckworld)
Hailing from the same world as Howard the Duck, the owner of the real name Simon Strange is also known by his nickname as the “Mallard of the Mystic Arts.” Unfortunately, his ability as a great wizard (for Duckworld’s size) is often hampered by his drinking habit. It’s no wonder that his bad habits make him live a homeless life. Even so, he often helps his comrades, mainly transferring someone to universe others via Nexus of All Realities.

Origin: Earth-791218
Unlike the Earth-616 version, in this universe Baron Mordo and Stephen Strange serve Dormammu. At the behest of his master, Strange kills Mordo after he has surpassed his partner’s magical abilities. Even so, dissatisfied with his power, he conspired with Umar as Dormammu’s younger brother to overthrow his master. Strange even managed to use the power of the Eye of Agamotto to kill the Ancient One and his followers!

Origin: Earth-8311 (Larval Earth)
Besides Ducktor Strange, it turns out that there is one more Doctor Strange version of the anthropomorphic beast in the Marvel universe. He is Croctor Strange, real name Steamin Strange, comes from universe Same with Spider-Ham. This highly magical crocodile is part of the Unhumanati, a team of Larval Earth’s smartest superheroes (including Black Colt, Iron Mouse, Mooster Fantastic, and Sub-Marsupials) tasked with battling severe threats to the universe.

Origin: Earth-928
After accidentally taking her sister’s life, Jeannie continues to train mystic arts until finally becoming the Sorceress Supreme. Adopting the name Strange, several times he helps Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-Man 2099 solve a number of cases, including dealing with enemies who change the flow of time. While studying magic, Jeannie somehow became a host demons mysterious and had mastered his body, until finally managed to be removed by Moon Knight (Tabitha) from Earth-TRN590.


Origin: Earth-311
Purchased by a doctor from the slave market, Stephen Strange is tasked with searching for a magical plant but nearly dies in the Indes mountains. After being rescued by monks from a monastery, he studied mystic arts and managed to become a master magician. Strange then returned to England, and thanks to his abilities he was appointed as Queen Elizabeth I’s trusted doctor. However, his relationship with the royal family was strained due to their connection with the emergence of a prophecy about the end of the world.

Origin: Earth-27169
After being killed at the hands of vampire, Strange who did not accept his death then entered the body of Frank Castle aka the Punisher. Realizing the existence of another figure within his body, Castle utilizes the Sorcerer Supreme’s magical abilities which allow him to defeat the formidable foes of Earth-91240. Mainly three of the 4 members of the Infernal Four namely Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Hulk, although in the end he was killed by the attack of the last member, Wolverine.

Origin: Earth-1298
Initially, Strange tried to help Jennifer Kale to remove the curse that befell the Man-Thing aka Dr. Theodore Sallis. But somehow, in the process the curse was transferred to him! In addition to changes in appearance, Strange also “inherited” Man-Thing’s task of guarding the Nexus of All Realities, especially from the threat of the Goblin Queen. Besides being able to use magic, this Earth-1298 version of Doctor Strange also has all the Man-Thing powers, such as the ability to control all types of plants.

Origin: Earth-616 (Warp World)
In Warp World’s version of Earth-616, Stephen Rogers volunteers for Morgan Erskine’s Super Serum to produce super soldier. And apparently, in addition to gaining tremendous power, Erskine who is a magician gave Rogers the ability to use mystic arts. He takes advantage of abilities his new team to fight the Nazi forces and their leader, Dormammu Red, but before losing, the demons managed to pull his opponent into the Dark Dimension with him.

Origin: Earth-9602
The collaboration between DC and Marvel created the Amalgam Universe, a universe in which characters from both camps merge into one new individual. One of them is Doctor Strangefate, a fusion of Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange. While venturing into the Himalayas, Charles Xavier is helped by Nabu the Ancient One and learns about the supernatural world and mystical powers. Because Xavier himself is meta-mutant telepath strong, he managed to surpass his teacher and inherit the title of Lord Supreme of Order.

Origin: Earth-TRN517
This character who is a mix between Doctor Strange and this evil Symbiote specimen can be found in games Marvel Contest of Champions. According to the story, a Symbiote succeeded in overpowering the Sorcerer Supreme from a alternate reality. Successfully finding a way to enter the Battlerealm, the Symbiote Supreme infects all existing creatures to expand its power. He was finally defeated by Guillotine, Doctor Strange, Venom, and the Summoner aka the player’s character, from Earth-TRN517.

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