These 5 Makeup Mistakes During Interviews Are Often Underestimated by Job Seekers. Alert!

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job interview makeup

When attending a job interview, whether on line or offline, of course you want to give the best impression right? Preparing knowledge about the company you are going to and the abilities you will show are important but don’t let your appearance be ignored, SoHip.

Yes indeed, a job interview is a crucial moment where recruiter want to explore your character and potential for their company. However, at the same time, the appearance you show can also be part of your assessment. Apart from dressing, make-up can also be one way recruiter assess your readiness. So that it doesn’t become a stumbling block, try to look at some of the mistakes in dressing up during this job interview.

Disclaimer: This may not apply if the company you are going to really requires you to dress up really, right.

1. Seems to be trying too hard. Everything boldso you want to stand out

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Storm eyelashes, check. Thick dipped eyebrows, check. eyeshadow excited bling bling, check it too. Eh, don’t forget the chapped lips overdrawn. Hmm, if the company you are aiming for is engaged in the creative industry, what more highlights The main thing is the ability in the field of make-up and the like, maybe this is not too much of a problem. But if this is a field that requires a more professional and formal appearance, be prepared to share it with the fans recruiter later.

2. On the other hand, you don’t have time to get ready until skip dress up. Worse yet, you feel that make-up is not very important and looks perfunctory

don't dress up during the interview

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Imagine that you have prepared yourself well to talk with people who will later work in your company and the awaited guest turns out to come with a perfunctory, dull face like he just woke up. How do you feel?

Dressing appropriately for a job interview isn’t just about respecting yourself, it’s also about respecting the person you’re talking to. This is a special moment, don’t let you look unprepared and appear casually. Does not mean skills your make up must be god level to amaze the recruiterbut a light and fresh look of makeup will give the impression that you are well prepared for this occasion.

3. Choose colors make-up too brave

make-up on job interview

Credit: Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels

Well, if it’s your first day on the job it might be understandable, but a job interview is a moment where people want to review their work potential. So don’t make recruiter even so salfok yes! If you are usually confident with colors pushyduring the interview, try totone down a little.

4. Ignoring the matter of hair styling even though make-up already cute

job interview hair styling mistakes

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Don’t think make-up okay that’s enough. Neatly styled hair will also be a plus during the interview later. Make sure your hair is neatly styled and doesn’t make you and those who see it feel uncomfortable!

5. Using style make-up which makes you feel uncomfortable and even becomes unfocused correct it it’s on the face

make up uncomfortable job interview

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Last but not least, use make-up anything that makes you feel uncomfortable will make the interview not run optimally. In harmony with uncomfortable clothing styles, uncomfortable makeup will also make you unfocused during the interview. Therefore, choose a makeup style that is not too fussy and complicated so that you can also feel comfortable and not busy fixing too many eyelashes or lips. glossy.

Being yourself is the most comfortable, but that doesn’t mean that you’re used to it make-up everyday is like going to an invitation, at your interview stubborn implement this yes. Let the interview be the moment you can show your professional skills with nuance make-up Neutral colors like pink or coral tend to look more neutral. The important thing is that you look fresh and well prepared, that’s enough.

If you want to experiment with make-up The excited one maybe later you can try, if it’s accepted and start working. Shhh, but keep an eye on your work environment too. If your office doesn’t matter, you make up thick, go for it. But if not, hmm, better think again. After all, you can apply your splashy makeup on other occasions, for example, at the right time hangout with friends or to an invitation.

Feel free to agree or disagree. Let’s tell Hipwee what you think about this in the comments column


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