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For some people, taking a bath becomes me time after a day of working with other people. They also often spend hours in the bathroom. Some even read books, newspapers, and carry cellphones to ward off boredom while in the bathroom.

There are also those who have a hobby of singing in the bathroom. Even some billionaires make the bathroom as comfortable as possible by installing speaker to listen to music. It seems, bathing while singing accompanied by music looks cool. But what is the ruling on singing in the bathroom according to Islam? Check out more information.

Islam forbids the habit of singing in the bathroom

The law of singing while bathing is makruh. Singing is meant not only singing songs, but also talking, whistling, let alone dhikr. It is the same as the prohibition of speaking while defecating. In a hadith narrated by Abu Dawud, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Do not let two people defecate together while opening their genitals and talking. Because indeed Allah SWT. hate or hate the act.

Singing in the bathroom [sumber gambar]

In the book of Fiqhu al-Manhaji ‘Ala Mazhab al-Shafi’i it is written that talking, eating, drinking, playing games, and singing are prohibited acts in the bathroom. This law is supported by Sayyid Sa’id bin Muhammad Ba’alawi al-Hadhrami in his book Busyra al-Karim bi Syarhi Masȃili al-Ta’lim page 121. He emphasized that one should not speak while still in the toilet. Even though he has no intention of defecating, the law is still makruh.

The bathroom is the devil’s residence

Messy bathroom [sumber gambar]

In a hadith narrated by Bukhari, Rasulullah SAW said that the devil asked for a place to live on earth and Allah SWT said: “Your place of residence is a bathroom or a latrine”. Then the devil also tempts humans to do forbidden acts in the bathroom, such as committing immorality, listening to music, leaving clothes hanging, being naked when performing ablution, and so on.

Singing in the bathroom makes the body sick

Stomach ache [sumber gambar]

The bathroom is a dirty place full of germs. Some of the dangerous are gastrointestinal viruses that can cause stomach pain. In addition, there are enteric pathogens that make humans experience diarrhea, and dermatophytic fungi that attack the skin of the feet. Spending a long time in the bathroom also exposes humans to the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, which causes skin diseases and respiratory problems. The more often you sing, the longer a person opens his mouth and the chances of being attacked by these germs will increase.

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Basically something that is forbidden in Islam must have a cause and effect. It can also be proven scientifically. Should avoid bad habits in the bathroom so as not to bring negative effects in our lives.

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