Via Tsamara Amany’s Video Decides to Leave PSI

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1NEWS, Tsamara Amany decided to leave the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI).

Through a video shown on his personal Youtube channel, Tsamara stated that since Monday, April 18, 2022, he will no longer join the party that made his name, PSI.

“After five years of serving as chairman of the DPP of the Indonesian Solidarity Party, as of today, April 18, 2022, I have decided to resign as a cadre and administrator of PSI,” said Tsamara.

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Tsamara left PSI not because he wanted to move to another party. He also admitted that his decision to leave was not due to conflicts or differences of opinion.

“I made this decision based on a personal decision,” he said.

Tsamara admitted that he would continue to contribute to Indonesia in other ways. “One of them is by focusing on voicing women’s issues, and serving the interests of women,” she said.

Tsamara explained that his announcement was made via video due to limitations. Because he is currently abroad.

“Because my location is currently in New York, United States,” he said.

“Thank you for the various opportunities that PSI has given me. My best wishes for PSI ahead of the 2024 General Election,” he concluded.[]


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