Viral Video of Child Allegedly Slit by His Mother for Waking Up Sahur

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Child slit by mother

The virtual universe was shocked by the incident of a child who was allegedly slashed by his mother. In the video that was spread on TikTok, a girl was seen crying hysterically while holding her neck. The boy’s neck was injured and he was shocked and in pain.

According to information circulating, the child’s neck was stabbed by his own mother. The reason is because they are often awakened at dawn. Here’s the full event!

Viral Video of Child Allegedly Slit by His Mother

Source: TikTok

The video of the injured child allegedly being slashed by his mother was first uploaded by the TikTok account @Mhmmdrefol on Sunday (17/4/2022).

An unnamed girl was crying while holding her neck. It was still dark and the boy was still wearing his nightgown. He was scared and held his neck while being helped by a man.

“His mother stabbed him,” said a resident.

“Information from a local resident, this child was stabbed because he woke his mother at dawn,” the video caption reads.

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It is not known clearly the chronology and motives

Child slit by mother

Source: unsplash

The exact location of the incident and the chronology of the incident is not known. From the video, it can be seen that the child’s mother approached him and told him to go home but was prevented by residents.

“This is my child,” said the child’s mother

The man who helped tried to keep the child away from his mother. He then asked the mother’s motive for stabbing her own son’s neck.

“Why did you get stabbed?” said the young man.

However, the mother gave a less clear reason. He mentioned an argument with his daughter.

“After a fight,” said the mother, looking confused to give an excuse.

The victim’s mother immediately asked her son to go home but was prevented by residents. The child was immediately put on a motorbike, allegedly to get first aid.

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Clarification of the video uploader of the child being slashed by his mother

The video of a child allegedly stabbed by his own mother immediately went viral on social media. Several mainstream media also reported about it. However, soon the owner of the TikTok account @Mhmmdrefol deleted the uploaded video. He then uploaded a clarification video on Monday (18/04/2022).

He admitted that he was very surprised by the reaction of the mass of social media with the video. He apologized for spreading the video that had not been clarified.

“I admit that I’m not very careful about uploading incomplete videos, information from regular hangout groups, I immediately uploaded them to my TikTok account by adding information that I concluded myself,” said @Mhmmdrefol.

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Apologize to the family concerned

Viral Child Allegedly Slit by His Mother for Waking Up Sahur, How Did It Actually Happen?

Source: unsplash

He also apologized to the family concerned, namely the mother and daughter in the video. He admits the video has caused confusion.

“I apologize especially to the family concerned for the confusion and thank you for the attention of friends who have carefully responded to the news,”

Regarding the actual chronology of events, he admitted that he had no right to give any information.

“Actually, the chronology may not be in my power anymore,” he concluded.

That’s the viral news about a child who was stabbed in the neck by his mother for waking up sahur. So far there has been no information from the family regarding this incident. We are waiting for information from the authorities, okay? Parents!


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