Woman Cancels Engagement After Knowing Her Prospective Husband’s Salary Is Only IDR 3.7 Million, The Decision Floods Netizen Praise | 1NEWS

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Usually a group of women who will support the woman’s views. The problem is, the husband’s low salary is not able to cover the lives of two people.

However, the post which was considered materialistic by some netizens actually received support from men.

The woman’s desire that she doesn’t want to live a miserable life when she gets married is considered a rational thing.

“To women, be wise like her (the woman).”

“Men who are offended by this tweet, you need to judge for yourselves.”

“You made the right decision. It’s really hard to be happy together but in today’s era, 1,100 ringgit is not enough to accommodate two people.”

Source: mStar

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