11 Maternity shoots of the bumils class of 2022, Enchanting!

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1. Maternity photo shoot the pregnant

Photo maternity shoot the bumils “class of 2022” fascinated netizens. Four beautiful celebrities who happened to be pregnant at the same time together to take a pregnancy photo together.

If in 2021, Nagita Slavina, Aurel Hermansyah, Paula Verhoeven, and Lesti Kejora make a photo appointment maternity shoot together, this time in 2022 there is a new pregnant gang, Parents! They are Jessica Iskandar, Cut Meyriska, Ria Ricis, and Yasmine Wildblood. The gang that calls themselves “The Bumils” is no less charming and recently took photos together maternity together.

Curious what the photo looks like maternity shoot the pregnant women? Come on, take a peek at their excitement in the following review!

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11 Photos Maternity Shoot The Beautiful and Charming Bumils

1. Sneak Peak

Roger Danuarta, @rogerojey, Cut Meyriska’s husband uploaded Instagram stories containing the moments of the four pregnant women while they were at the shooting location. From sneak peek It looks like Cut Meyriska, his wife along with Jessica Iskandar, Ria Ricis and Yasmine Wildblood are posing gracefully for maternity shoot the.

2. Wearing an all white dress

2. Maternity photo shoot the pregnant

Dressed in white dresses, the four beautiful women displayed their respective charms. Materials that loose make baby bump they are clearly visible and further accentuate the maternal aura. This photo shoot was done by a team of photographers @fdphotography90.

3. Cut Meyriska’s photo

3. cut meyriska pregnant

After taking pictures together, now each mother takes her own maternity photo. The following is a photo of Cut Meyriska posing to show off baby bumpits been great. Wearing a white dress that modest and suitable for hijab-wearing mothers, this woman who is counting the days to give birth to her second child looks very charming.

4. Yasmine Wildblood’s photo

4. Yasmine Wildblood is pregnant

Yasmine Wildblood also looks stunning wearing maternity dress green color. The woman who just held a celebration of 4 months of pregnancy poses among the flowers.

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5. Ria Ricis Foto photo

5. ria ricis is pregnant

The famous YouTuber, Ria Ricis, who used to look active and funny, is now showing a different side of herself when wearing a maternity dress. She looks so graceful and charming huh, Parents!

6. Jessica Iskandar’s photo

6. Jessica Iskandar is pregnant

This pregnant woman left Bali to give birth in Jakarta. Jessica Iskandar is just counting the days to welcome the birth of her second child.

7. Wearing a Flower Themed Dress

7. Maternity photo shoot the pregnant

In photo taking maternity shoot These Bumils, they cooperate with fashion stylist Belly Iverson. If previously they wore all-white dresses, this time the four pregnant women were dressed in colorful maternity dresses in the middle of a bouquet of flowers.

8. Fun Photoshoot

8. Maternity photo shoot the pregnant

The photo shoot for the pregnant women seemed to be going well. Even though it is carried out in a pregnant state, the faces of the mothers are always decorated with happy smiles.

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9. Look like an angel

9. artist pregnancy photos

The perfect appearance of the mothers was thanks to the touch of the hands of make-up artist Hilga Makeup. Their flawless face looks like a complete beautiful angel.

10. The results make you curious

10. artist pregnancy photos

In collaboration with Victoria Make Up Atelier, the maternity shoot of the pregnant women looked smooth. Really curious how this photo shoot!

11. Hope Everyone is Healthy

11. artist pregnancy photos

While waiting for the photos to be uploaded by mothers, let’s pray that the four pregnant women will be beautiful and their fetuses will always be blessed with health and also smooth delivery later.

This is the maternity shoot of The Bumils. Be happy to see the joy of these pregnant women, OK? Parents!

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