15 Most Difficult Foreign Languages ​​in the World, Different Alphabets and Writing Ways

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The World's Most Difficult Language

Language is usually used as a tool to communicate and interact. There are many benefits when you learn a new language. For example, for career opportunities or just to be able to communicate if you go on vacation abroad. Based on Foreign Service Institute (FSI), there are 15 most difficult foreign languages ​​in the world. Anything?

15 Most Difficult Foreign Languages ​​in the World

One of the reasons some languages ​​are considered difficult to learn is because they do not use letters of the alphabet like English or Indonesian. Here are 15 difficult languages ​​to learn according to Foreign Service Institute (FSI).

1. Mandarin

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Mandarin became the champion of the most difficult foreign language in the world. Mandarin is difficult to learn because the writing system is different from other languages.

In Mandarin, you don’t use the letters of the Latin alphabet. In addition there are thousands of characters that you have to learn. Each word that is spoken also has a different tone.

2. Polish is on the list of the most difficult foreign languages ​​in the world

The World's Most Difficult Language

Source: Pexels.

Polish is commonly spoken in several European countries, such as Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Russia. Polish is a difficult language to read and spell because Polish contains a lot of consonants.

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3. Turkish

The World's Most Difficult Language

Source: Pexels.

The Turkish language uses consonants and verbs that are quite long. That’s the reason why learning Turkish takes a long time.

You need a different vowel to pronounce Turkish. Usually, the Turkish language also uses vocabulary from Arabic.

4. Serbian


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Serbian is difficult to learn because it uses both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. In addition, in Serbian there are consonants and vowels, and this language uses gender in every word. You can use Serbian in Eastern Europe.

5. The World’s Hardest Foreign Language: Hungarian


Source: Pexels.

The difficulty level of the Hungarian language is in the pronunciation. Hungarian has 14 different vowels when spoken.

In addition, there are more Hungarian consonants than English. For example the word “Sz” you can say “s” or “sh” depending on the word.

6. Hindi (India)

Indian languages

Source: Pexels.

The official language spoken in India is Hindi. Hindi is known to be difficult to learn because it uses different phonetics and vowels to English. Hindi is commonly spoken in some countries like Nepal and Pakistan.

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7. Thai, the World’s Most Difficult Foreign Language for Southeast Asia


Source: Pexels.

Thai language uses different letters from Latin. That’s what makes Thai difficult. Thai also uses a lot of tone to understand the context in which it is spoken.

Thai has five tones, while the script consists of 44 consonants, 18 vowels and 6 diphthongs to memorize.

8. Persian


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The next difficult language to learn is Persian. Persian is commonly spoken in Middle Eastern countries such as Iran and Pakistan. Persian language becomes difficult because it uses Arabic script and is written from right to left.

9. Russian is also the most difficult foreign language in the world

Russian language

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Russian is usually spoken in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and others. Russian is considered difficult because the letters and the Cyrillic alphabet are different from Latin letters. Russian uses different consonants, spellings and pronunciations.

10. Bulgarian


Source: Pexels.

Generally, Bulgarian is spoken in Eastern European countries. Bulgarian is a difficult language because in Albanian consonants and vowels are quite difficult for you to learn.

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11. Arabic


Source: Pexels.

Arabic is one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn because it has its own letters. How to write Arabic letters does not use the alphabet.

If you want to learn Arabic, then you have to learn the 28 Arabic letters first. To understand and learn Arabic does take time and continuous practice.

12. Danish


Source: Pexels.

Danish has a fairly simple grammar. Danish words are similar to English. However, despite the simple grammar, words spelled in Danish are very difficult to pronounce. It takes time to practice speaking Danish.

13. Vietnamese


Source: Pexels.

Vietnamese is also a difficult language for people who use English to learn on a daily basis.

In Vietnamese, if you mispronounce a vowel it can change the meaning. This language belongs to the Austroasiatic Vietnamese language family or languages ​​​​in mainland Southeast Asia.

14. Greek


Source: Pexels.

Greek is the oldest language in Europe. It is also the most difficult language in the world. Modern Greek was born from Spanish, French and Latin. Of course, modern Greek is different from ancient Greek.

15. Albanian


Source: Pexels.

Albanian can be classified as a difficult language to learn. Albanian is the official language spoken in the Balkans, Europe.

Albanian grammar and vocabulary are derived from Greek and Latin. In Albanian, you will use a word that has a gender in every noun.

Thus information about the 15 most difficult languages ​​in the world. is Parents Interested in learning one of them?

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