3 Years in Jakarta, New This Year Gunawan LIDA Ramadan with Family in Kampung

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Gunawan LIDA (Seno/tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWS – Gunawan Muharjan or Gunawan LIDA 2020 is a talented young dangdut singer from Ternate, North Maluku. Along with the release single his latest “Karmamu”, Gunawan also tells a lot in the edition Star of The Month This April, about Ramadan and things to miss in the holy month.

“I want to fast with my family. Thank God, this year I can go home first, I want to do fasting with my family too,” he said. The thing he misses the most is precisely the moments leading up to Ramadan. “Usually, teenagers in the complex come together to decorate the complex. So it’s like we are cleaning, we continue to decorate the village, the young people of the Kusuma complex are really compact,” said the story Gunawan.

Gunawan LIDA (Seno/1NEWS)

Usually it is scheduled for a week the young people in Gunawan village to decorate the complex. Second, miss sahur with parents. “Fasting with parents feels different. Usually if there is a mother, you can ask to cook this and that. Then someone wakes me up. Ha ha ha,” said Gunawan. However, while in Jakarta for the past 3 years, apart from his parents, Gunawan admits, he is the one who likes to wake up his mother over the phone.

Many precious Ramadan moments with family. Among other things, remember that his mother prepared a variety of dishes for breaking the fast. “My mother used to cook various kinds of fish on the menu. So, there are a lot of fish, but they are cooked differently,” he said Gunawan who really likes to eat this fish.


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