5 Ways to Overcome Drowsiness while Driving | 1NEWS

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4. Open the car window and stretch the muscles

Avoiding drowsiness while driving can be done by opening the car window and letting the outside air for a moment enter the cabin so that it is fresher.

Then stretch the stiff muscles. Starting from moving your head sufficiently, straightening your body and doing eye exercises by glancing at the right and left sides to check the rearview mirror regularly.

5. Don’t force yourself to drive when you’re sleepy

When the attack of drowsiness is hard to avoid when driving a car, immediately pull over to a safe place and take a nap.

Forcing to drive a car with a tired and sleepy body condition can trigger microsleep attacks.

Even if you only sleep for two seconds, it’s enough to make the car change lanes or not apply the brakes even if there are obstacles in front of you.

“Also make sure the condition of the Toyota car remains good by routinely carrying out periodic services so that it helps the driver’s comfort and safety,” added Cahaya Fitri Tantriani.

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