7 Artists Fight With In-laws, Some Ended Up Reporting Police

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artist fighting with mother-in-law

The relationship between in-laws and in-laws is not always smooth like a toll road. In fact, some people have to go through a tough phase where the relationship doesn’t go as harmoniously as expected. This is as experienced by a number of artists who clash with in-laws.

So, what’s the real story behind the relationship between the in-laws of celebrities who don’t get along? Are they finally able to overcome the obstacles in their relationship? Check out their story below.

7 Artists Fight with In-laws

1. Arie Kriting, Accused of In-laws Using Dark Arts

Photo: Instagram/@indahpermatas

The wedding of Arie Kriting and Indah Permatasari on January 12, 2021, caught the public’s attention. The reason is, their second marriage was not approved by Indah’s mother, Nursyah. On her daughter’s happy day, Nursyah actually appeared in front of the media crew with swearing.

Indah’s mother accused Arie Kriting of brainwashing her son. It didn’t stop there, he accused Arie Kriting of using black magic to send snakes to make him sick for several months.

“Not even until death, until my life is on the tip of the tongue, until my life is taken away. In my opinion, that person is evil, he destroyed Indah for more than three years,” said Nursyah at the time.

2. Eric Scada, Including the Artist Who Feuded with In-laws

artist fighting with mother-in-law

Photo: Liputan6.com

The next story comes from Eric Scada who was married to the beautiful actress Lyra Virna. These two lovebirds met in the soap opera The Mystery of Mount Merapi.

Unfortunately, when they decided to get married after several years of dating, Eric and Lyra did not receive the blessing of Maria Annawati, Lyra Virna’s mother. The mother accused Eric Scada of being a living man.

The household, which was built since 2005, finally could not last long. The two officially divorced on December 27, 2020.

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3. Tommy Kurniawan

artist fighting with mother-in-law

Photo: Instagram

Tommy Kurniawan also experienced a love story that was hindered by the blessing of his father-in-law. In fact, the Jakarta-born actor was reported to the authorities by Hana Hasanah Shahab, his mother-in-law at the time, because he was accused of kidnapping his daughter. Tommy Kurniawan is known to have married a girl of Arab descent, Tania Nadira, on April 11, 2011 ago.

Even though she was against it, over time, Tania’s mother melted away. He even became a mediator when Tania and Tommy’s household was on the brink. Although unfortunately, their marriage eventually ended in divorce.

4. Jonas Rivanno, An Artist Who Has Enmity With In-Laws Because of Different Beliefs

artist fighting with mother-in-law

Photo: Instagram/@jonas.rivanno

The difference in belief between Jonas Rivanno and Asmirandah was a stumbling block for both of them. The love affair of the couple who met through this soap opera did not get the blessing of Asmirandah’s parents.

In the end, the actress of Dutch descent chose to convert to the religion of Jonas Rivanno.

Andah’s decision, as he is affectionately known, also made his relationship with his family even more fractured. M. Farmidji, the father is increasingly reluctant to give his blessing. But over time, the family conflict has subsided.

5. Roby Tremonti

7 Celebs Who Don't Get Along With In-Laws, Arie Kriting To Adly Fairuz

Photo: Instagram

The name Roby Tremonti had graced the news media a few years ago. At that time, he was reportedly secretly married to Aurelie Moeremans who was 18 years old. Obviously, Roby Tremonti and Aurelie Moeremans’ relationship did not get the blessing of Aurelie’s family.

Sri Sunarti, Aurelie’s mother even accused Roby Tremonti of brainwashing her daughter. Later, after Aurelie’s relationship ran aground with Roby, the mother did not want to comment on this again, for her the story was only part of her son’s past.

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6. Ginanjar Sukmana

artist fighting with mother-in-law

Photo: Instagram/@ginanjar4sekawann

Comedian Ginanjar Sukmana released his widower status on December 29, 2019. He is 55 years old and married a 23 year old girl named Tiara Amalia. Their marriage also stole the public’s attention because of the large age difference.

In the midst of feeling happy, in fact Ginanjar and Tiara Amalia’s marriage was not approved by Tiara’s mother, Iis Rodiah. The reason, according to his mother-in-law, Ginanjar had cut off the relationship between himself and his daughter.

Ginanjar then denied the allegations. He said that the pandemic condition prevented them from visiting Tiara’s family. Moreover, at that time his wife was in two bodies.

7. Adly Fairuz, the Artist Who Feuded With In-Laws That Involved the Police

7 Celebs Who Don't Get Along With In-Laws, Arie Kriting To Adly Fairuz

Photo: Instagram/@angbeenrishi

The marriage of Adly Fairuz and Angbeen Rishi in March 2020 was apparently not approved by Angbeen’s mother, Yulia Wirawati. Because of that, Yulia chose not to attend her daughter’s happy day.

However, not only did Yulia not give her blessing, Yulia accused Adly Fairuz of committing acts of violence against Angbeen Rishi. The tension between the son-in-law and the father-in-law had long tails. Adly Fairuz, who did not accept the accusation, then reported Yulia to the police. Until now, the feud between the two is still ongoing.


Parents, that was a number of artists who had a feud with in-laws. Hopefully we can learn lessons from their stories.

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