9 Benefits of Papaya for Pregnant Women, Starting from Increasing Immunity to Preventing Difficult CHAPTER | 1NEWS

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Benefits of Papaya for Pregnant Women

Benefits of Papaya for Pregnant Women© Freepik.com

Maintain Blood Sugar Stability

Consuming papaya for pregnant women can also maintain the stability of blood sugar. Where pregnant women can get energy in the form of glucose from papaya. Pregnant women who eat papaya will prevent the increase in blood sugar.

It is recommended that papaya fruit be eaten directly and not processed into juice and so on. This will help in the absorption of sugar during the process of blood flow. That way, later it doesn’t go directly into the bloodstream like when eating candy.

Reducing Nausea

During pregnancy, one of the problems that are often experienced by pregnant women is nausea caused by hormonal factors. This of course is very disturbing for pregnant women and can make their appetite decrease. Well, to reduce the nausea, you can eat papaya. Pregnant women can eat it while having breakfast to avoid this condition morning sickness.

Good for Fetal Development

A healthy fetus depends on the food intake consumed by the mother. So, the food consumed every day must really be considered. Because not only for the health of the mother, but also for the baby.

Ripe papaya fruit has a high content of folic acid. This is good for the development of the fetus in the womb. In addition, folic acid also plays a role in supporting good fetal growth and development.

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