aespa Called First Girl Group on Coachella Main Stage, Netizens Bring Up BLACKPINK? | Kpop Chart

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On April 19, 2022, fans were shocked by the news that aespa was confirmed to appear on the main stage Coachella.

Ready to present “Black Mamba”, “Next Level”, “Savage”, and one unreleased song, aespa is touted as K-Pop girl groups first to appear on the main stage of the festival.

aespa (Photo: SM Entertainment)

This suddenly raised pros and cons and brought back BLACKPINK, known as girl group who first appeared in Coachellathrough the ‘Sahara’ stage.

BLACKPINK on the Coachella stage (Photo: YG Entertainment)

Through the Theqoo community forum, netizens share their comments regarding this matter.

“Can’t we support all singers? Why are you guys comparing who is better?”

“BLACKPINK is on another stage and what’s on the main stage? Are they more popular than BLACKPINK in the United States?”

“They’re still rookies, but they’re pretty awesome, right?”

“Headliner > Sub Headliner > Main Stage > Sub stage,
aespa is one of the singers on the main stage like CL, BiBi, and 2NE1 of 88 Rising and guest starred. BLACKPINK is a sub-headliner, so this is a stage where BLACKPINK has taken a much higher level. BLACKPINK is right next to the headliners in the Coachella lineup (on the poster),” and various other comments.

aespa themselves are scheduled to present their performance at the festival Coachella on April 23, 2022. (1NEWS)

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