After 3 Years of Marrying Reino Barack, Syahrini Announces Happy News! Alluding to the Status of Prospective Mothers, Are You Pregnant?

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Home life Syahrini and Reino Barack never deserted from the news. After three years of marrying Reino Barack, Syahrini finally announced the happy news. Is it true that it has something to do with the news that she is currently pregnant with her long-awaited first child?

Syahrini has rarely appeared on the small screen. In fact, recently the news said that Syahrini and Reino Barack were still in Singapore. No longer active on the entertainment stage, Syahrini admits that he now wants to focus on being a wife and mother-to-be.

The happy news revealed by Syahrini refers to the readiness of herself and Reino Barack who took part in the pregnancy program in Japan.

“I don’t prioritize career first, as a mother and future mother. So, I want to focus first, let this crested woman rest,” Syahrini said on CumiCumi’s YouTube show.

Currently, Syahrini wants to focus more on resting so that he is not too stressed. That way, the pregnancy program that he runs can run smoothly.

“That’s why I reduce my work so that my hormones also have a lot of endorphins,” said Syahrini.


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