AGO Praised, KPK Asked Where

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ACCURATE.COThe announcement of a suspect in a corruption case granting crude palm oil export facilities that caused scarcity and an increase in the price of cooking oil (migor) in Indonesia became a trending topic on Twitter.

Hashtags (hashtags) of the Attorney General’s Office, the Mafia and the Director General entered the top 10 on Tuesday (19/4) at 22.00 WIB.

In his tweet, netizens actively uploaded a news link containing a statement by Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin announcing the four suspects.

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The four people named as suspects are the Director General of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Trade Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana, Permata Hijau’s Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs, Stanley MA, General Manager of General Affairs of PT Musim Mas, Togar Sitanggang, and Commissioner of PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia Parulian Tumanggor.

“Bravo the Attorney General’s Office. Ay already suspected that there was something wrong with the Ministry of Trade, it’s true,” tweeted the account @MrsRachelIn.

“Good job sir. The law is as severe as possible,” wrote @kenhans03.

The @KesumaGuntur1 account gives appreciation to the Adhyaksa corps because according to him it has dared to uncover a case involving the Director General and three major migrant companies in Indonesia.

“I hope that the Attorney General’s Office will also investigate where the 11 trillion subsidy money spent by the government is for cooking oil subsidies.”

Other netizens compared the performance of the AGO with the KPK as an institution specifically established to handle corruption cases. Among other comments, the former KPK spokesman, Febri Diansyah.

“When the KPK was in the spotlight about the alleged acceptance of leadership gratifications and internal scandals, the Attorney General’s Office announced an investigation into the corruption of the cooking oil mafia. Is the KPK really going to be a thing of the past, forgotten and abandoned? This question can only be answered with performance, not gimmicks,” he said. on the account @febridiansyah.

“Again, this is the work of the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office, who dared to fight corruption, and the KPK in 2022 is just sitting around enjoying a big budget,” wrote @gadisresidu_b3.

“Corrupt mental officials must be sentenced to death. By the way, how come the Attorney General’s Office, where is the KPK,” tweeted the account @hendra_roestoe.

While giving appreciation to the AGO, other netizens questioned the handling of the migrant mafia. Especially with regard to the statement of the National Police Food Task Force and the leadership of the DPR.

“The Food Task Force says there is no Migor mafia, Rachmat Gobel (DPR) says there is no Migor mafia. It feels protected. The Attorney General’s Office suddenly dismantled it. What happened?” wrote the @Wawat_Kurniawan account with a hysterical laughing face emoji.

Previously, the Attorney General’s Office named four suspects in a corruption case in granting export facilities for crude palm oil which caused a shortage and an increase in cooking oil prices.

The identity of the suspects was announced directly by the Attorney General ST Burhanuddin.

He said investigators had found sufficient evidence to establish the four as suspects.

Investigators have examined at least 19 witnesses, 596 other related documents and letters as well as expert statements.

“The actions of the suspects resulted in state economic losses or resulted in the expensiveness and scarcity of cooking oil, resulting in a decrease in household consumption and small industries that use cooking oil and complicate people’s lives,” said Burhanuddin.[]


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