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The Barcelona U-18 and Atletico Madrid U-18 teams feel happy while in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, to take part in the 2021 International Youth Championship (IYC).

“As a team, we have gone to several places to participate in the tournament, but in Indonesia it is different. We are welcome here like a professional team. We were quite surprised,” said Barcelona U-18 coach Iban Cuadrado at a press conference in Jakarta, Monday.

The 43-year-old tactician said that his team’s joy had started since they arrived in Indonesia, Tuesday (12/4). Barcelona, ​​as well as Atletico Madrid, who arrived from Spain received a standing ovation.

That hospitality, said Cuadrado, continued and made his team comfortable on the move.

“The committee provides 100 percent comfort, including transportation and lodging. We have never experienced this before,” he said.

What Cuadrado said was agreed by the coach of the Atlético Madrid U-18 team, Daniel Perez.

“The hospitality of the Indonesian people from day one made us feel right at home,” he said.

Iban Cuadrado and Daniel Perez also have a similar view regarding the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) which will be the venue for the 2021 IYC.

According to Daniel, JIS is an international standard stadium that should host major tournaments.

Cuadrado has a similar view, but, specifically at IYC 2021, he sees that there is something lacking in JIS, namely the audience.

As is known, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has limited the number of spectators at JIS to a maximum of 2,500 people, as a form of implementation of the COVID-19 prevention health protocol, even though the stadium can be filled with a maximum of 82 thousand people.

“This stadium is magnificent, but the audience is less. But, in general, this place is very good,” said Cuadrado.

The Barcelona U-18 and Atletico Madrid U-18 teams will face off in the IYC 2021 final, Tuesday (19/4) evening, at JIS. They are scheduled to return to Spain on Wednesday (20/4) early morning.

In addition to that match, there was a third place match between U-18 Bali United and U-20 Indonesia All Star. (Between)


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