Become the Champion of X Factor Indonesia Season 3, this is Alvin Jonathan’s Profile. Been a Little Idol Runner Up!

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One of the most popular singing talent shows in Indonesia is X Factor Indonesia. This year, the singing talent show has entered its third season. On Monday (18/4) night, the X Factor Indonesia Season 3 event officially ended. Alvin Jonathan was crowned the champion after successfully defeating Danar and 2nd Chance.

Alvin’s victory seemed to have been predicted by many audiences after hearing his melodious voice in the audition round while singing Ed Sheeran’s song “Give Me Love”. Bunga Citra Lestari’s protege managed to become the champion after performing with Ed Sheeran’s song “Supermarket Flower” and a duet with Ziva Magnolya with the song “Lovely” by Billie Eilish.

His golden voice was able to bewitch the listeners, many people were then curious about the figure of Alvin. The following is the profile of the champion of X Factor Indonesia Season 3.

Alvin was born in Malang and is now 24 years old

Alvin was born in Malang | Credit: @xfactoridofficial via Instagram

Alvin Jonathan or known as Alvin Jo was born in Malang, East Java on September 20, 1997. His father was Antonius Sindhunata, while his mother, Gracia, had died when he was young.

He has two older sisters named Anastasia Clareyssa Sindhunata and Tania Tamarra Sindhunata. Alvin is a Christian as indicated by single the spiritual song he sang with Olga Victoria. Not only interested in music, Alvin also has a hobby of soccer.

Ever participated in Little Idol and won 3rd place

little idol alvin

Ever joined Little Idol | Credit: @alvinxjo via Instagram

Alvin has shown his singing talent since he was a child. Apart from singing, he is also good at playing the piano. Before participating in the X Factor Indonesia event, Alvin first participated in the third season of the Idola Little talent show.

At that time, he was only 13 years old. In the event, Alvin managed to come out as third place. He competed against Lintar who became the first winner and Rio who became the second winner.

Already released some single, one of them is entitled “Knowing You”


Alvin released some single | Credit: @alvinxjo via Instagram

After successfully becoming 3rd place in Idola Cilik, Alvin released single The first one is entitled “Just Be Friends”. Single it became one of the songs on the compilation album Dunia Idola which was worked on with the finalists of Idola Cilik. From 2011 to 2012, the young man from Malang was actively working on a spiritual song project in collaboration with Olga Victoria.

Two years later in 2014, Alvin joined the group Yujin with Rio and Patton. They released their debut single “Mengenalmu” in 2015. Long time no hear from him, Alvin also reappeared when auditioning for X Factor Indonesia Season 3.

Join X Factor Indonesia because you feel bored, you end up winning

Alvin wins x factor

The reason to join X Factor Indonesia is because you are bored | Credit: @alvinxjo via Instagram

The owner’s full name, Alvin Jonathan, once surprised the jury at auditions not only because of his voice, but when he revealed his reasons for auditioning for X Factor Indonesia. In front of the jury, he bluntly admitted to auditioning because he was bored with his life.

“Why join the X Factor?” asked BCL.

“Because I’m bored with my life,” Alvin replied.

Alvin’s words immediately surprised BCL. However, Alvin managed to get away with five ‘yes’, even though Anang had given ‘no’. In X Factor Indonesia Season 3, Alvin joined the Boys group which was mentored by Bunga Citra Lestari. Now, he has won the 1st place of X Factor Indonesia Season 3.


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